• So, bought that first Mac yet?

  • ben

    No. Not that I wouldn’t but I just have too much invested at this point in software and such to swithc.
    I was very close to getting a G4 Ti-book as my work computer, however in the end we decided that it was important to have the same enviorment as the development team (which also considered switching).
    I like their computers now – there anren’t many flaws. Pretty much the only thing holding them back now is their lack of game creator support.

  • Dude! They have World of Warcraft, what else to you need?! ;)
    Seriously tho, WoW rocks hard, you should try it…unless you have an addictive personality, in which case stay far, far away!!

  • Napolean dynamite is hillarious. Just hits on my style of humor :)