Back from paradise

I am back. Sorry for all the server malfunctions. Getting our server “hacked” is never fun and has only happened this one time.

Hawai’i was great. My wife and I were greeted with leis and rainbows, just like in the movies. We hiked up the Na Pali coast where some of the best views in all of the world can be had, we kayaked up rivers to a waterfalls, I surfed, and we saw whales, and dolphins, and monk seals, oh my.

I originally wanted to go for 10 days simply to allow myself time to unwind and enjoy the islands at a leisurely pace. Sometimes people, myself included, get too carried away with seeing all the sites and doing all that there is to be done, and they forget that they are supposed be relaxing. The really cool thing was that I was already “unwound” by the time I got off the plane in Hawai’i. I didn’t think about work, computers, anything, except having a great time with my wife and relaxing. All in all, that is what I did. Many thanks to Bridget and Marc for all their generosity while we were there!

Due to the server downtime (why does that always happen when I leave town?) I am not sure that Eric ever really got into the flow of posting to the site. I wish to thank him nonetheless and hope that you all will come back and rejoin your regularly scheduled ranting, already in progress.