Mario Cake Makers on the Food Network

mario turtle shellSome may remember the photos I took at my friends Brent & Annette’s wedding cake. They are among my most popular photos with this one having 82 views yesterday, 528 views this week, and 156,585 views in total. 564 people call it a favorite! The cake has appeared in several magazines and online stories and now the makers of the cake, Gateaux, Inc. will be appearing on the Food Network Challenge this Sunday at 7pm. They are competing with 4 other cake makers to make the best Dr. Seuss themed cake. Nerds, set your TiVos!

Last night’s Cloud Cult show.

Cloud Cult rocks I was blown away by the Cloud Cult Show on Friday night at the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis. Craig Minowa and the band have great energy and everything sounded great. I really think this band is going to blow up – well as much as a band that produces all of its own small independent releasers can blow up. The band mentioned a new CD but I am not sure when it will be out. Hopefully before the end of the year but i am not sure they will be able to swing that with their current tour schedule.

While I don’t see any videos of last night’s show on You Tube just yet, here are some from the show they did at the Varsity four months ago. (more)

EXTRA: Check out this fan-made music video of the Cloud Cult song, Transistor Radio.

More Mario cake related news

mario turtle shell It is surprising how much interest there is in this cake. Several photos are nearing or have surpassed the 25k view mark and there are 127 people who call one a favorite. I have seen this on Digg, Reddit, joystiq, and, among many others. It really makes me wish I had done something more than snap some photos of this great cake. In case you didn’t see it, this was made by Robin of Gateaux Inc. Hit her up for your next wedding cake.

I have posted 5 more photos that I took with a macro lens on Jesse’s D70s (check his photos out for more wedding fun, including Mouser with a moustache and me on the verge of being milked). Enjoy.

Super (Mario) Wedding Cake

Super (Mario) Cake At perhaps the best wedding (congratulations Brent and Annette) I have been to, there was by far the best wedding cake I have seen. Other people tend to agree as the photos have been linked to from Boing Boing and Wonderland to name just two. That explains how some of the photos have nearly 7000 views and over 50 people calling one a favorite.

UPDATE: The creator of this cake, Robin, from Gateaux Inc which is located in Plymouth, MN. “was amazing to work with and of course is amazingly talented” according the the bride and I can’t say that I could disagree. Just look at some of her other work.

The cake toppers were very hard to find. The bride looked for months and months and finally found a set on; they were from Japan’s “Nintendo Club”

Here is the whole set (with more to come as I get some closeup macro shots I took, uploaded.)

Movies, books, dirty jokes, & fruit portraits

* If you ever corner me in a bar or such place have me tell you the story about Bob Sagat that Paul Provenza told the entire theater at SXSW 2005 after the preview screening.

Sex, drugs, rock and roll

The design of dissent

Having cancelled my DirecTV service some months back and with the summer network schedule lull I have had a good deal of time away from the TV. Because shows like Lost, 24, and Arrested Development don’t resume again until fall, there is nothing to watch, which is generally good, it being summer and all. This break has given me a chance to rediscover some of the great PBS programming that I have been neglecting. In addition to some excellent travel and cooking shows, and of course NOVA, there’s the weekly news show: NOW – previously NOW with Bill Moyers – currently just Now.

Last week’s show, NOW: The Design of Dissent was an interview with graphic designer Milton Glaser – famous for designing the I (heart) NY imagery, the buttons created for The Nation (and shown at right) and more. Amidst some political waxings, Glaser mostly discusses how graphic design can and does change people’s perspectives.

That’s the thing that makes you most crazy the idea of this passive acceptance of an authority. We thought we weren’t that kind of people.

The show’s themes correspond with a like-named exhibit at the School of Visual Arts and a similarly like-named new book by Glazer.

I think it’s a rather simple-minded idea that if you examine government, those that have the least dissent are those that are most totalitarian. That is, in fact, the manifestation of dissent that defines democracy, (because) it means that there are oppositions to power that are freely expressed and that minority opinion is also considered to be worthwhile. Generally speaking, dissent comes out of a sense of fairness that something is wrong. Power is being used unfairly, and there has to be some manifestation or complaint about it.

I’ll try not to quote the entire interview and instead encourage you to read the full interview transcript. I will mention however, that this is what I have always believed – that dissent does not equal disdain. On both a national level and in terms of jobs I have had, I always felt the greatest need to voice dissent, when I cared the most. It isn’t worth arguing for thing A to improve, if you don’t give a damn about thing A. It surprises me upon how many people this point is lost.

Another interview with Glaser on a similar topic.