This is incredible and should be reported everywhere

“A 25-year-old quadriplegic sits in a wheelchair with wires coming out of a bottle-cap-size connector stuck in his skull.

The wires run from 100 tiny sensors implanted in his brain and out to a computer. Using just his thoughts, this former high school football player is playing the computer game Pong.

It is part of a breakthrough trial, the first of its kind, with far-reaching implications. Friday, early results were revealed at the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation annual conference. Cyberkinetics Neurotechnology Systems, the Foxborough-based company behind the technology, told attendees the man can use his thoughts to control a computer well enough to operate a TV, open e-mail and play Pong with 70% accuracy. “

“Further out, some experts believe, the technology could be built into a helmet or other device that could read neural signals from outside the skull, non-invasively. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is funding research in this field, broadly known as Brain Machine Interface, or BMI.

DARPA envisions a day when a fighter pilot, for instance, might operate some controls just by thinking.”

Scientists gingerly tap into brain’s power


This is almost enough to make me want to buy a Mac…almost again

A friend of a friend pointed out the redesigned KPMG site. (my wife used to work at this company too) and called it an example of “flashturbation” (defined as the – The practice of using Macromedia Flash on Web sites for nothing more than demonstrating its cool “whiz-bang” features.)

I do not disagree with this assessment but wonder what really is the difference between using flash in the manner that KPMG does and a TV commercial or presentation? It is simply reinforcing their other marketing efforts and trying to send a message. Plus they set a cookie so you only get the Flash into once.

I have seen far more flagrant cases of flashturbation.

I really like the KPMG site. It has a very clean design and its sorta fresh – meaning I haven’t seen a ton of sites like it. It uses DHTML and it is well coded. The real question is what’s with the small, serif font for the main body copy? Is that the new trend Razorfish?

The PowerMac G4 Cube is really damn cool. Its like a 1/4 the size of the regular G4 needs no fan and is easy to add components to. Just when I start thinking it would be cool to own, I think of that OS I would have to use and shudder. But I *hear* OS X is supposed to be out real soon. Haha.

What that be?

I just read about this new “opto-chip” that convert electric signals into optical transmissions at a rate of 100 gigabytes of information per second.

“These electro-optic modulators will permit real-time communication. You won’t have to wait for your computer to download even the largest files,” Dalton said in a statement.

“We’ll be able to take telephone signals, computer data, TV signals — any type of signal you can think of — put it on fiber optic, route it around the world with almost no optical signal loss, and accomplish this with infinite bandwidth.”

Think we don’t have the pipes for it? Think again. Bell Labs have recently been able to push 3.28 terabits of data per second, over a long stretch of fiber-optic cable.

The article (Wired, Mar 21), goes on to state that in a matter of years, the fiber-optic cable being laid today could be transmitting data at a rate of tens of thousands of terabits per second.

At these speeds, the entire written works of mankind could be beamed across the globe at the speed of light in just a few seconds. Just imagine how fast you could get to all that porn!

Speaking of porn, Mullets Galore has added a new section. Most of you have been here but have you seen this? (Warning: some of this is pretty bad, and some is just plain wrong)

It seems that when no one was looking, Be and the BeOS have resurfaced, and Be has now repositioned itself to take on an emerging market: the internet appliance.

As their site explains: “Accessing the Internet should be as easy as using a television or telephone. Be has applied its proven expertise in modern, streamlined, modular operating systems to this challenge and created a new platform to provide information, entertainment and rich Internet experiences to consumers.” Thus they created the BeIA operating system for internet appliances.

It seems like we have been talking about these things forever, but they have never really made any headway. In fact, I have never seen them in stores until this week. It seems a couple of the electronics “supers stores” now carry little flat panel display w/keyboard for $99. This appliance allows you to surf the web and access email while you are buttering your toast.

Goodbye videotapes?

Though I am not quite done with it, I have been making a list of my all-time favorite TV shows. You can bet the Simpson’s will be in there. And this site is the bomb-diggity as far as Simpson’s info goes.

Some news on the Electronics front:

Tivo has just dropped in price ($100) and now sells for $399 for the 14 hour version. It is pretty damn cool on will likely make my christmas list this year.

Here are some of its highlights: You can…

  • pause live TV during interruptions – up to 30 minutes
  • fast forward and rewind with three speeds: 6x, 12x and 60x
  • view slow-motion at 1/4x speed
  • create your own instant replays: rewind and play back in slow motion
  • go a frame forward and a frame backward
  • digitally record your favorite shows on its hard drive so there’s never any videotape to wear out
  • enjoy instant access to all your recorded programs – no more scanning through tapes to find the show you recorded
  • start watching a recorded show while it’s still recording
  • cut out all commercials while you are watching a live program
  • record with high quality MPEG II
  • select settings on either a show-by-show basis, or globally within the Setup menu
  • you can browse programs by Name, Time, Channel
  • recorded automatically every week or whenever your favorite shows are on
  • rate the shows you’re watching by pressing the Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down button on the TiVo remote to teach TiVo what you like
  • have TiVo searches for shows you’ve told it to record, it will also look for shows that match your preferences and get those for you as well