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Design It to define It

More to come certainly, but I just wanted to mention the highlight of my SXSW experience was the 2nd discussion “panel” I attended: How to Make Big Things Happen With Small Teams. Basically it was all about the insights Jason Fried of 37signals gained from his experience building products and running a small company. Almost everything he said is directly applicable to the situation at my company with our product development team.

We use the agile method but we have been struggling for ways to really integrate the interface design and concept development into the process. Jason

Say it isn’t so!

Sucky new NWA logoI cannot believe that Northwest Airlines is rebranding themselves (or have been for several month I guess) – complete with a new bullshit logo! I have held up NWA’s logo for years as an example of elegant simplicity. It says so much in such a small space; you have the N or W depending upon how you look at it and then the little arrow pointing, as if on a compass, in the North West direction. Beautiful. Now what they currently have is just horrendous.

A comparison:



Sucky new NWA logo


Which do you think is better?

OS showdown

I was pretty excited when I saw “User experience differences between Windows and OS X” listed in the remaindered links section on I am very interested in this topic and in interface design in general so it seemed like a good read. Unfortunately what I found was a generally biased account of the Mac OSX and the Windows 98/2000 (5+ years old) operating systems. Even if it did target Windows XP (which incidentally incorporated many of the advantages the article claims OSX has sole ownership of: clean layouts, high quality color icons, context sensitive toolbars and menu items) the piece was written like one of so many switch ads and not in an objective manner as I was hoping.