I rode my first Segway

I rode my first Segway today. And rode is the right word. You don’t really drive it at all – just let it go and ride – or as they say in training think about going forward and you go forward.

I have heard they are banned in San Francisco. Can anyone verify that? Minneapolis has said that they are fine for use on its city’s sidewalks and skyways – until there are more and accidents begin to occur.

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This is just about the coolest bit o’ dancin’ I have ever seen. [Kottke/Vitaflo]

Goodbye videotapes?

Though I am not quite done with it, I have been making a list of my all-time favorite TV shows. You can bet the Simpson’s will be in there. And this site is the bomb-diggity as far as Simpson’s info goes.

Some news on the Electronics front:

Tivo has just dropped in price ($100) and now sells for $399 for the 14 hour version. It is pretty damn cool on will likely make my christmas list this year.

Here are some of its highlights: You can…

  • pause live TV during interruptions – up to 30 minutes
  • fast forward and rewind with three speeds: 6x, 12x and 60x
  • view slow-motion at 1/4x speed
  • create your own instant replays: rewind and play back in slow motion
  • go a frame forward and a frame backward
  • digitally record your favorite shows on its hard drive so there’s never any videotape to wear out
  • enjoy instant access to all your recorded programs – no more scanning through tapes to find the show you recorded
  • start watching a recorded show while it’s still recording
  • cut out all commercials while you are watching a live program
  • record with high quality MPEG II
  • select settings on either a show-by-show basis, or globally within the Setup menu
  • you can browse programs by Name, Time, Channel
  • recorded automatically every week or whenever your favorite shows are on
  • rate the shows you’re watching by pressing the Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down button on the TiVo remote to teach TiVo what you like
  • have TiVo searches for shows you’ve told it to record, it will also look for shows that match your preferences and get those for you as well