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Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy is now available on DVD. So is Kids In The Hall – Same Guys, New Dresses

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I like many things about the new concepts created for the site of the World Trade Center towers, (nice little site by the way) but I do not think they are being imaginative enough with the high rise buildings. Maybe you can’t be, but I would like to see some structures that are as fanciful as the name “skyscraper”. That being said, I like the Square & Garden concepts best for the structures and the Plaza and Triangle concepts for the use of garden/plaza/park space.

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The micro machines shown in these photos are no toys – they are much cooler. They are being shown next to tiny mites to show just how small they are.

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HIV muppet causes Republicans across the U.S. to grab their bibles and start condemning them thar bad people with the HIV. They should first try to understand the situation in South Africa. South Africa alone it is estimated that in 2002, 300,000 people will die of AIDS” and “40 percent of women of child-bearing age there are infected with HIV”. Of course if lawmakers gave a damn (read: if this epidemic was in Europe or not concentrated among Africans the racist right might actually care to spend some of their recently insider-traded money to help the situation) there may not be such a desperate situation now.

— — — has published information on the President’s Vice-President’s finances. Some things seem a bit shady. There is of course the making of over $36 million in the year 2000 but also the fact that the minimum size of the “accounting irregularities” that occurred while Cheney was CEO was $100,000,000.

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After years of promises that the oil refineries built on their land would benefit all the citizens of Escravos, Nigeria but seeing none of those promises come to fruition, hundreds of Nigerian women storm 4 Chevron stations and hold them until more jobs we given to local workers and improvements to the living conditions in nearby villages were made. [Story from Yahoo News]

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After reviewing my own stats I am convinced that designing and developing for IE 5 and up and Mozilla 1.0 (5.0) and up is the correct decision. Google’s June browser distribution info further bolsters my view. Their stats on operating systems make me feel like not spending too much time testing for Macs either but for the fact that many of my friends in the “online community” are using them. Plus I do respect Macs a bit more now that OS X is in wider use. From what I have seen it is a huge improvement over all other operating systems out there with the possible exception of XP (I still like XP’s interface much better – but don’t get me started on its layer-over-layer, outdated architecture it still uses)

With that said I am doing some housekeeping and you may notice some minor changes to the Alt Text. You may also notice the similarity between some of my modifications and some that Jason has made. I swear these are mostly coincidental.

I would like to go on record that Mozilla is now my default browser. All I have to say to defend myself is: tabbed browsing is da bomb.

[Web stat images from Google Zeitgeist]

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In other news Alt Text and were finally able to put an end to their hostilities. With Amazon’s announcement that it is opening its new web services, essentially allowing developers and site publishers from using Amazon’s data in ways that better fits their needs. This doesn’t erase all past wrongs (especially as far as their patent stances go) but it does go a long way towards opening things up a bit. Plus it is really hard to hate them while admiring their site for so long.

UPDATE: There has already been a new site created that looks and acts like Google but has all the data of Amazon: meet Amazon Light

What the world needs now…

Alt Text has been included as one of 10 weblogs in a study/project in developing an open source search tool called latent semantic indexing (LSI). From what I have seen it is pretty promising. Some of the results may not contain the keywords you entered, but use the LSI algorithm to determine relevancy based on like words and topics.

There are still some holes in it as it is in development. It works with keywords only – there are no phrase searches allowed. Words that appear in only one post are not indexed, and the interface leaves a lot to be desired, but it is a very cool idea that I hope spreads.

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My dad on President W’s recent surgery: “They are looking for his head.”

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Electric SUV coming (to California) from Toyota

I am still up

I am still up. It is after midnight and I have done a bit of surfing. That’s really something I do not do a lot of any more. I used to feel quite bad about that, but now I am not so sure. From now on, I may just go to my dozen or so sites that I like to read and call it a day. It’s not that I do not want to see new sites and experience new things, it’s just that I feel the more I see, the less creative I can be. You know what I mean. Have you ever been formulating some idea in your head – even to the point where you were planning how you may do something and then, you innocently click on a link and there you have your idea realized. Maybe in a way you would have loved to have done it in? I think the same thing about writing. As I contemplate a more structured type of writing, essays and short stories, I almost fear to read more books. I can feel my writing style being affected with every book I read, just as my web design and project ideas are swayed and influenced by the sites I visit. I need to find a way to balance things.

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I haven’t forgotten to post about “what I learned” at SXSW, I’m just not ready is all.

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Question: Why do I get so angry (inside in my usual Minnesota way) at people who try to hand me religious literature?

Answer: I don’t know. From a logical perspective I recognize that if I truly believed in something so much I would want to tell people either via this site, in conversation, or yes even in propaganda form. My gut reaction however, is to say fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me. Really closer to what I am thinking is, that I hate when people presume to know something – some great truth that I do not. But that’s not really entirely it either. If Stephen Hawking was lecturing me on the nuances of black holes, you better believe I would accept him as having much more knowledge of the subject than me. No, there is something more – I just don’t know what it is. Am I still not over the arrogance I have had in thinking that God is a crutch for the weak? Those kind of statements have landed me in many a hot spot in the past – and I believe it much less than I did in the past – but do I still believe it a little all the same? I don’t know.

I’ll take Anal Bum Cover for $1000

Much of today has been spent most non-productively downloading and viewing many a Celebrity Jeopardy skit from Saturday Night Live. I still cannot find the latest one with Sean Connery, Robin Willams (Jimmy Fallon), Cathrine Zeta-Jones (Lucy Lui), but any of these are liable to bring tears to my eyes if I try to make it through the whole skit.

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On a sad note for me, I had my first bit of, what I can only describe as “hate mail” via my site in over 5 years of running a website. It was regarding some of my views on the job our president is doing. Politics seem to divide people and affect people much more profoundly than many other issues and characteristics seem to do. Why is that? Why do people care so much about the minor differences between America’s Democratic and Republican parties? They really are minor yet people can get so worked up about things. Politics, religion, and race in America tend to cause the most conflicts yet really matter very little when it comes to two people getting together and talking about issues facing the world today.

Aside meet

Many of you may have been to my other sites: and What you may not know is that both are in a state of evolution. While will be re-architected and redesigned, with added content and functionality, will undergo an even greater transformation… or I should say this site itself will be changing.

At some point in the not so distant future, this site’s name and domain will change. It will take on the alt text name and some of its purpose.
What is now will remain nearly the same, but another section called episodes will be added. This section will allow me and others to collaborate on various projects and experiments and have them posted to this site for others to view and comment on.

This move will also allow me to once again improve this site’s focus and perhaps capitalize on a better, more well suited name: alt text and provide a better experience to its visitors.