Mario Cake Makers on the Food Network

mario turtle shellSome may remember the photos I took at my friends Brent & Annette’s wedding cake. They are among my most popular photos with this one having 82 views yesterday, 528 views this week, and 156,585 views in total. 564 people call it a favorite! The cake has appeared in several magazines and online stories and now the makers of the cake, Gateaux, Inc. will be appearing on the Food Network Challenge this Sunday at 7pm. They are competing with 4 other cake makers to make the best Dr. Seuss themed cake. Nerds, set your TiVos!

More Mario cake related news

mario turtle shell It is surprising how much interest there is in this cake. Several photos are nearing or have surpassed the 25k view mark and there are 127 people who call one a favorite. I have seen this on Digg, Reddit, joystiq, and, among many others. It really makes me wish I had done something more than snap some photos of this great cake. In case you didn’t see it, this was made by Robin of Gateaux Inc. Hit her up for your next wedding cake.

I have posted 5 more photos that I took with a macro lens on Jesse’s D70s (check his photos out for more wedding fun, including Mouser with a moustache and me on the verge of being milked). Enjoy.

Super (Mario) Wedding Cake

Super (Mario) Cake At perhaps the best wedding (congratulations Brent and Annette) I have been to, there was by far the best wedding cake I have seen. Other people tend to agree as the photos have been linked to from Boing Boing and Wonderland to name just two. That explains how some of the photos have nearly 7000 views and over 50 people calling one a favorite.

UPDATE: The creator of this cake, Robin, from Gateaux Inc which is located in Plymouth, MN. “was amazing to work with and of course is amazingly talented” according the the bride and I can’t say that I could disagree. Just look at some of her other work.

The cake toppers were very hard to find. The bride looked for months and months and finally found a set on; they were from Japan’s “Nintendo Club”

Here is the whole set (with more to come as I get some closeup macro shots I took, uploaded.)

Weekend Recap: South shore of Superior

Stump and pine cone I returned yesterday from a long weekend along Lake Superior’s south shore at Big Bay State Park on Madeline Island (one of the Apostle Islands) in Wisconsin. There were six of us plus four dogs so there was lots to keep us busy. We had fun, made some (camp) gourmet meals and got a bit too rowdy on Saturday night – I paid for that all day Sunday. Here are some photos of the trip.

minnēbar comes to a close

MinneBar was great. It was interesting, active, creative, technical, loud, hot, and fun. It is over for now. So far the feedback both in person and on the wiki has been overwhelmingly positive. There were some issues with the wifi staying up and we were pretty much at capacity with over 110 people attending. I plan to write a recap soon, but for now you can browse some of the Flickr photos tagged with MinneBar (there have been so many that MinneBar is a hot tag right now). And here are some links to the people posting them:
Jesse Ross
Sopheava (aka Margaret Andrews)
Tim Wilson
Mark Danielson
Ethan Galstad
Jamie Thingelstad
Peter Fleck

Amazing photos of a nearly tame, completely cute fox

Photo of Fox

Fuzzy Freddy – by Rob Lee

I wish I could take credit for such a great photo but alas no, this is not my almost-pet fox. Rob Lee from Evergreen, CO holds that honor and he has a whole slew of great shots of this creature. Over the course of a year this fox has become decreasingly timid of Rob and had even come inside the house when the door was left open. The comments on many of these photos warn of feeding wild animals (which Rob does not do) which apparently someone has been doing.