Kevin Garnett = MVP

Only one candidate for NBA MVP?

If you listen to writer Jerry Brewer, employed by the Orlando Sentinel to write day in and day out about Tracy McGrady and the Magic, there is only one clear MVP this season. And his nickname is not TMac.

‘Unless Bryant can get the Lakers to 50 victories, unless McGrady can get the Magic to 45, unless Jason Kidd can hit five open jumpers in a row and unless Tim Duncan can provide a good quote, then Garnett should be MVP,’ writes Brewer.

[Source: Real GM]

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These commercials by EPSN continue the tradition of excellent commercial making. And I know they are a bit old. My favorites are the Mark Cuban one in the upper right and the Wally one right below it and left.

Shut up Wesley!

When I was younger my favorite movie was Stand By Me. Something about the camaraderie and experiences that the characters shared appealed to me. And although I was always partial to River Phoenix’s character, Wil Wheaton is now a closer second as I learn more about him on his very own website, which he runs himself. His interests and geekhood are inline with my own and this interview on slashdot confirms most of it. Wil Wheaton I salute you!

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I am posting this from a Minnesota Wild game…from my phone. I feel like kicking my own ass right now.