Hey man, pass the Ridlin, would ya?

I watched something like 6 hours of teevee today and I am feeling pretty guilty. I did spend five hours at the Science Museum of Minnesota today with my little brother which may explain my need for relaxation.

I like little Kelby and up til today I had really enjoyed spending time with him, but MAN is he hyper. He had me running around, going up stairs, and carrying him out of exhibits all day. I really have admiration for the 4th grade teachers who have to deal with him and all his friends everyday – and I think I will stick with the weekday night events for awhile longer (maybe 3-4 years) since it seems that he gets most of his energy out at school.

I’ll take Anal Bum Cover for $1000

Much of today has been spent most non-productively downloading and viewing many a Celebrity Jeopardy skit from Saturday Night Live. I still cannot find the latest one with Sean Connery, Robin Willams (Jimmy Fallon), Cathrine Zeta-Jones (Lucy Lui), but any of these are liable to bring tears to my eyes if I try to make it through the whole skit.

— — —

On a sad note for me, I had my first bit of, what I can only describe as “hate mail” via my site in over 5 years of running a website. It was regarding some of my views on the job our president is doing. Politics seem to divide people and affect people much more profoundly than many other issues and characteristics seem to do. Why is that? Why do people care so much about the minor differences between America’s Democratic and Republican parties? They really are minor yet people can get so worked up about things. Politics, religion, and race in America tend to cause the most conflicts yet really matter very little when it comes to two people getting together and talking about issues facing the world today.

Back, baby!

I am always taken aback by things in life. There are just so many things that inspire, and drive me to create and dream. Some of these things are as simple as a commercial, others take the form of song, or cinema, or yes even a website can inspire me.

So I am compiling a lot of lists of these things lately. And I need your help.

Here is my list of my favorite TV shows ever (not really in any order):

  • The Simpsons
  • Saturday Night Live
  • News Radio
  • The X-Files
  • Cheers
  • M.A.S.H.
  • Seinfeld

I am sure I am missing some and rather than expend effort thinking about it any more I would like to ask you to send me your favorites or ones you think I may have liked.

Goodbye videotapes?

Though I am not quite done with it, I have been making a list of my all-time favorite TV shows. You can bet the Simpson’s will be in there. And this site is the bomb-diggity as far as Simpson’s info goes.

Some news on the Electronics front:

Tivo has just dropped in price ($100) and now sells for $399 for the 14 hour version. It is pretty damn cool on will likely make my christmas list this year.

Here are some of its highlights: You can…

  • pause live TV during interruptions – up to 30 minutes
  • fast forward and rewind with three speeds: 6x, 12x and 60x
  • view slow-motion at 1/4x speed
  • create your own instant replays: rewind and play back in slow motion
  • go a frame forward and a frame backward
  • digitally record your favorite shows on its hard drive so there’s never any videotape to wear out
  • enjoy instant access to all your recorded programs – no more scanning through tapes to find the show you recorded
  • start watching a recorded show while it’s still recording
  • cut out all commercials while you are watching a live program
  • record with high quality MPEG II
  • select settings on either a show-by-show basis, or globally within the Setup menu
  • you can browse programs by Name, Time, Channel
  • recorded automatically every week or whenever your favorite shows are on
  • rate the shows you’re watching by pressing the Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down button on the TiVo remote to teach TiVo what you like
  • have TiVo searches for shows you’ve told it to record, it will also look for shows that match your preferences and get those for you as well