I just got back from two months traveling abroad but as I stand here, awaiting my luggage, I have never felt like I was entering a more foreign country. 

I cannot even process my shame and anger right now. I just want to buy a ticket to anywhere else and leave again.  

There are no safe states.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a swing state, or a “safe” state—blue or red.

No state is safe from the ideas espoused by Donald Trump—ideas that are endorsed by the KKK—ideas that are rejected by real Republicans—ideas that are laced with cynicism, fear, bigotry, and hate.

Vote. Please. Proclaim that America has no place for these ideas*.

* It is crucial that you vote tomorrow. After the election, we’ll figure out what motivated many Americans to overlook these ideas and cast their vote for a flawed human anyway. We need to fix what allowed this. And we will.