House Update IV: A New Hope

So a glimmer of hope came to me in my bid to build a house. Last Friday the neighbor who had been holding up the ground breaking on my property asked if the offer I made over 2 months ago was still on? Specifically would I help to fix his driveway in exchange for his releasing of any claims on my property.

Lets just say that I was more than willing to give him $2000 over two months ago to get this thing behind me – but now – after paying interest on a construction loan in excess of $3000 plus losing my interest rate lock and potentially having to pay another set of loan origination fees – I am a little more hesitant to give in on this. Forget the fact that it is entirely unfair that I have to pay a dime, forget the fact that I went over to this guy’s home before purchasing the property to introduce myself, had coffee with him and 30 minutes later he had not said anything about these claims, forget all these things and you still have a practical question? What am I willing to do to take destiny into our own hands and end this thing?

Now, we could wait 30-90 more days for the courts to decide but then we would be paying more in interest and could potentially need to go to court ourselves against one of the parties in this initial suit. Needless to say its a bit complicated. I am hoping that by the end of the week it will be much simpler.