Hello. I’m the guest writer and I thought I should introduce myself before I just started tooling away. Still, I don’t really want to. Ben wrote some interesting things about me in the previous post, not entirely true, but interesting. Actually, that’s probably enough of an intro…

— — —

And now… Shoot. I feel that there is still the need for some ice breaking crap. So, I think I’ll post about posting. Yeah, that’s crap.

It’s fairly freaky reading Ben’s stuff. I see him quite a bit at work typically. But, I don’t often get the inside perspective. Ben’s posts reveal the things that he thinks about, which could philosophically be argued to be the things which define him. Ben thinks; therefore, he is…

In some ways, it’s like walking at night and looking into peoples’ windows. There is a whole life that they’ve got going that you typically don’t see. But, it’s rude to look and you don’t want to get caught staring. However, Ben puts it all out for public display. His lights are on, windows wide open, hopefully he’s not naked.

Or maybe, that’s what people want.

— — —

Alright, I feel pretty good now that I’ve potentially insulted everyone. So, next time, I should be able to post. Maybe, I’ll get naked (maybe).

have a nice day.