Its the little truths in life that make all the difference.

If you have never been, the Minnesota State Fair would probably seem like any other state or county fair or carnival you may have been to, only larger. But if you grew up near the fair, and had your parents bring you each year to gorge on deep fried things on sticks, you would know that it is oh so much more.

Sure to the uninitiated it seems like a crowded, sweaty, smelly place to drink cheap beer and grease-filled food. To those who know it however, and know all of its intricacies, it becomes a place that is crowded, sweaty, smelly, filled with cheap bear and greasy food, of course, but also a wondrous place teeming with toothless carnies calling out your manhood to entice you to “win yer lady” a sawdust-filled bear; a place to actually witness the last shred of dignity leave the bodies of countless aging rock & roll acts making a last ditch tour through the Midwest before finally drifting off where only the stories they tell their grandkids remind them of when they were once really hip, honest.

Sure you may not hold much interest in this year’s prize-winning sow or the latest in farming implements, but who can withstand the draw of thousands of drunk people stepping on your heels and spilling their favorite grain-derived beverage on your pants, not to mention the endless barrage of rhetoric from the multitudes of media outlets, political parties, and countless products vying for your collective, patronage, support, dollars, etc? Can you really ask for anything more?

— — —

A lesson in economics for today’s investor. I bet a lot of dot comers wish they had that beer investment right about now.