More house updates

2nd floor start

They are to the second story. The recent snow and rain has caused some delays, though they say it should be no more than 60 days away from completion.

We have moved again. Now we are in a much better neighborhood, with a fenced in yard and 3 bedrooms. I feel better now. if I could only unpack all these boxes – I just can’t do it with another move less than 3 months away. My life is a disorganized mess.

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White Oleander was a good book and a decent movie. I thought it was well acted all around. There was a lot left out and the movie definitely felt less yucky than the book, but so did the sense of the main character’s ordeals and the true, deep reach and hold that her mother had on her life. Worth seeing with your significant other even if you have not read the book.

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Buy this for your loved ones this holiday season.