OK I promise this will be the last post about the Lord of the Rings for a while. But after seeing the film for the third time I can say without a doubt, that it gets better with each viewing. When I saw it for the second time, I was able to relax and let the film wash over me without being all swept up in it like the first viewing. The third time (I had to bring my Dad and my wife’s parents) I was able to see many details that show how much love went into the film despite the alleged 37 errors found in the film.

I keep expecting to be tired of the movie or to be satisfied but I am not. I could see it again! During this third viewing, I was able to check out some of the supposed errors in the film. Many people say, for example, that they could see cars driving in the distance. Cars in the distance? I didn’t see any cars but I did look for some of the other so-called-errors and verified some while others seem less like mistakes and more like misconceptions.

The AFI just named The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings as its Best Picture of 2001. If it wins the Best Motion Picture – Drama Golden Globe that it has been nominated for, it will have a very strong chance of winning the Best Picture Oscar.

Because of the timing of its release and its recent nominations and awards, I look for this first Lord of the Rings movie to be very successful at the box office. How successful? When all is said and done (which might not be until the 2nd movie releases – or even beyond that) I expect The Fellowship of the Rings to come in 6th or 7th all-time, or just over $300 million. As a franchise and in the very long run the movie could do as well as Titanic’s $600 million, but I won’t be holding my breath. Here is a site that is watching LOTR’s progress vs. Titanic. Maybe if I see it a couple more times…

There’s some good news for fans disappointed by some of LOTR’s omissions (they had to cut something – it was already 3 hours). “The DVD, being released later this year, should have an extra thirty to forty minutes of footage on it. The additions would include some more interaction and development among the members of the Fellowship. Another addition would include the sequence in which Gimli falls for Galadriel, a turning point for his distrust of Elves.” I really hope that the additional footage is in added right into the movie as it runs, or there is an option to do so, rather than in some extra features or deleted scenes.

Finally, my favorite quote from someone reviewing the Lord of the Rings movie:

“The movie’s length is its only possible deterrent: I really wanted it to be longer.”

– Brendan L. Agnew