Of Pimps, dragons, planes, and baldwins… and many hours wasted

Jason found this New Yorker article that could be pretty interesting to those trying to understand online role-playing games. I played Ultima online several years ago and I found it to be a groundbreaking game in a number of ways. For one, you could “make money” or “earn a living” in countless ways, not just going out and killing stuff. Groups and sub-societies quickly formed and drew like-minded people together. All in all, it did seem to mimic real life pretty well, except for the random killings all the time.

— — —

I just saw Pearl Harbor (all 3 hours of it) and I came away with three thoughts on the experience:

  1. Our nation’s youth are *so* not ready to fight in anything close to a war. I include myself in the non-war-ready ranks and hope that, in the event of another war, they can figure out a way to hook bombers and missile systems up to the Play Station 2 so that we can save the American way of life without leaving the comfort of our sofas.
  2. Every one of Alec Baldwin’s lines should have rewritten, stricken, or better yet sold on eBay
  3. I may not be disappointed with the Lord of the Rings movie coming out in December. Seeing the new preview for it was the highlight of this night at the theater.