The Onion interviews Win Butler of Arcade Fire

In the interview Butler addresses why he smashed his guitar on Saturday Night Live a couple weeks ago (it was cutting him and he hated it) and speaks about society and religion today (not to mention how much being a kid sucks). He sounds smart and thoughtful and it goes a long way to helping me forget the smashing of the guitar – plus I really love their new album Neon Bible and their show a couple years ago was among the top 2 or 3 concert experiences of my life.

Here is something he told the interviewer at the very end of the interview that strikes a chord with me because it captures a big part of why I am so angry with the way things are going in our country and in me.

When you read Martin Luther King’s speeches about Vietnam, it could be today. Just change the word, and you’re talking about the exact same situation. We’re basically causing spiritual death in our country by doing what we’re doing. At a certain point, you become morally unable to do good in the world, because the country gets so cynical and depressed, there isn’t the force of will to try and change things. I definitely feel that in my generation, this kind of fatigue. And I feel that myself. You’ve got to fight it.

Music in 2007 to pick up where 2005 left off

After a bit of a down year for music that you may not have noticed because you were still so happy with the great crop from 2005. The year 2007 is set to be a great year for new stuff. In the first 4 months alone there will be new albums from the following artists.

Clinic (Visitations)
Of Montreal (Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?)
The Shins (Wincing The Night Away)
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (Some Loud Thunder)

Apples In Stereo (New Magnetic Wonder)
Bloc Party (A Weekend In The City)
Magic Numbers (Those The Brokes)

Ted Leo & The Pharmacists (Living With The Living)
Low (Drums And Guns)
Modest Mouse (We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank)
Arcade Fire (Neon Bible)

Bright Eyes (Cassadaga)
I have been listening to their single Dashboard on repeat on Modest Mouse’s site. More on the upcoming Modest Mouse album from Pitchfork

Brock doesn’t seem content to have just one star collaborator in new Modest Mouse member Johnny Marr. The Shins’ James Mercer guests on three We Were Dead tracks: “We’ve Got Everything”, “Florida”, and “Missed the Boat”. Other song titles include “Fire It Up”, “Steaming Genius”, “Parting of the Sensories”, and “Spitting Venom”.

Also the Arcade Fire is set to play some shows in New York (not all of them will be in churches either though it would be great to see them in a venue like this), if you are in the area get to the show, they are amazing live. Possibly the only band not named Radiohead that I would travel a half a day to hear. Though it appears that their reputation for live shows is really jacking up the value of their tickets. Also worth seeing in NYC: David Bowie and Daniel Johnston. [Brooklyn Vegan]