An epic road trip in the rearview

Jena and I have just returned from a pretty epic road trip across the western and central parts of the U.S. We were afforded such an opportunity as we just so happen to have ended our employment engagements and are dead set on taking advantage of that reality. Never in our careers have we felt able to take more than two weeks off at a time. We are super excited to see what we can do.

For this trip we had a few goals: get back to Minnesota to see family and attend the Minnesota State Fair, Spend a good amount of time camping—especially in Glacier National Park, Get our Global Entry interview out-of-the-way to pave the way for easier international travel, and basically just relaxing a bit and not thinking about work for the first time in 20 years.

Here are a few stats from this past month:

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Weekend Recap: South shore of Superior

Stump and pine cone I returned yesterday from a long weekend along Lake Superior’s south shore at Big Bay State Park on Madeline Island (one of the Apostle Islands) in Wisconsin. There were six of us plus four dogs so there was lots to keep us busy. We had fun, made some (camp) gourmet meals and got a bit too rowdy on Saturday night – I paid for that all day Sunday. Here are some photos of the trip.