Won’t it be great!?

I have a passion for consumerism that isn’t really very healthy. Just ask my (very understanding) wife. I like to think about different ways to buy things and sometimes even fantasize about creating and patenting the systems I think about.

It doesn’t take a visionary however to realize that the way we buy things is going to evolve. But how?

We will start to see more and more on-demand services. Using technologies that are available today we could already be viewing movies and TV shows and listening to music whenever we want it.

Here’s a scenario:

I’m driving and I really have a hankerin’ to hear that new Christina Aguillera ditty. Do I wait for 5 minutes until the radio station’s regular rotation fulfills my need? Hell no! I simply state the song’s title and it begins playing; right then, right there. This is how it’s going to be. The technology is here, or will be here, very shortly to allow this. But…

The problem is always in changing the way people think about purchases and how averse industries are to change. Do you think advertisers are going to like losing another way to reach you? Do you think the recording companies are going to be pleased about not selling CD’s? Well, no. But will they eventually have to?


Some alternative ways to think about purchasing this music might focus on rights being purchased to listen to that song. This could be accomplished by allowing for micro payments (something that will definitely be in our future) of a fraction of a cent per listening, or possibly by purchasing a lifetime license to listen to that song.

The mindsets are the first things that need to change. When it does, we will have the technology available to us to process these transactions and track the usage of copyrighted material.