Why free markets do not work

I realize that am opening myself up to many of the criticisms that are typically hurled toward progressives when speaking on this subject, but still, I persist. Even though my final conclusion on this matter may hearken to Churchill’s words about democracy, or free market capitalisms is the worst form of economy, except for all the others. In fact, there may be no other option that works well in tandem with democracy, but that is fodder for another post. I have truly mixed feelings and thoughts on this matter.

What I have been thinking about recently, and what discussions on the topic inevitably come down to is human nature. There was a time when I felt very different than I do now, but as it stands, I have very little faith that the masses are capable of making rational decisions regarding their own welfare outside of what is immediately in front of them. I believe foresight is often forgotten over years of just subsisting. So it isn’t that people (and I am primarily talking about the 80% of the global population that isn’t in the middle or upper-classes) are stupid (although I won’t discount the place ignorance plays), but more that they aren’t afforded the luxury of thinking about how their decisions today will effect their lives and the lives of their families for years to come.
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There and not back again

This article provides a nice roundup of a bit of information that, somehow eluded me for nearly a month. Namely, that New Line and Peter Jackson are not playing nice and that one or more future movies set in Middle-earth will not involve Jackson as director. Here is the open letter from Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh about there rift with Newline over the accounting on the Lord of the Rings films and how it has basically led to New Line telling Peter Jackson to fuck off, in regards to any future projects.

I for one really want the Hobbit to be made, but I would rather have it not made than done poorly. Sorry but I just don’t see Sam Raimi doing this and god forbid, Lucas should get to ruin yet another fantasy saga. Some have speculated that they may cut this story into two parts and then add an additional prequel to make for a second trilogy – a path I would love to see taken, if Jackson were at the helm. My desire would be for Jackson and Newline (and MGM) to understand that there is more than $1 billion to be made, resolve their differences, and get going on these projects while Sir Ian McKellan can still hold up his, ahem, staff.

Over 56,000 people have signed this petition to the parties involved to get their act together and get Peter Jackson on board. You can too.