Making photos

Abandoned house

A recurring theme among good photographers I have talked with is that you do not take photos, you make photos. Its an interesting distinction between the mindset of casual point-and-shooter and good photographers. Composition, contrast, interesting subject matter, a good perspective (in more than one sense of the word), and in some cases, a willingness to physically alter your surroundings can all lend to the great photos seen on sites like: a life uncommon, Escobosa, Dooce, and If Then Else. I used to view photography as sort of a visual anthropology excersize, meant to capture and record things and places. I knew there was an artistic nature to it but felt that the artistic part was sort of a chance occurrence. Hopefully I can increase my chances of good photos by practicing.

I tried to make some photos this weekend when I went for a drive with my wife “up north” as they say here in the “Twin Cities”. Here are the first results of that trip.

On a side note, this is the 700th post on Alt Text. (Minus some long lost posts from the site’s first years as