Exciting times

The great thing about my new job is that in addition to the strategic and information architecture responsibilities I have a great deal of input and hands on creation of the interface design and information design from a structural, presentation, and visual perspective. First up is an online application for employee improvement goal setting and planning.

I really feel as though I have found the perfect place for this point in my career. I get to work with a rapidly-growing, well respected company whose able and energetic team is also very proud and motivated to continue the company’s success. Throw me into the middle of a small and dedicated development team and I think we have all the tools to do dome really great things.


Doing King Boreas proud

One reason why there haven’t been as many posts the last week or so is because I have been out hunting for the medallion as part of the St. Paul Winter Carnival festivities.

Though I didn’t find it, thanks to my friend Dan, we were in the exact location of it more than 5 days before the hunt was over. We probably even stepped over it a couple times. But trying to find a clear plastic medallion in 2 feet of snow is not the easiest thing, as two thousand or so people found out on Thursday at midnight. It was like an orderly moshpit full of friendly Minnesotan folks.

There’s even a documentary being made on this hunt that was due out this year in theaters, but now may be postponed until after next year’s hunt.


Back baby

I am back from a great trip to New York where I got to catch up with some friends and see some sites. but mainly just walk and eat and relax. I will post more in the coming days and weeks than I have been posting lately. Promise.


Wreaking havoc on my body

This past week, and the one upcoming, I have/will put my body through much physical strain. I have been hauling concrete blocks (over 100 of them) to and fro between my house and the local home stores, I will, this weekend, be applying mortar to and moving around all those blocks; building a wood and steel railing; I will be building a boulder wall out of 10-18″ fieldstones (20 tons of them); I played basketball for the first time in months, and I painted (actually more physical that it seems).

It only takes a week of work to realize how little I use my body for physical activity. The variety of activities have all worked together to make nearly every muscle in my body sore – but it is a good feeling. Hopefully I can continue some of this exercise regimen into the long dark Minnesota winter – or as I have often thought of it – the blubbering.


Uncle Ben

I am now an uncle. My sister gave birth to Brianna Lynn yesterday morning. She is pretty cute and she sleeps all the time. Congratulations are not really in order as I had virtually no part of this event – though Jena and I have been named godparents/guardians in the event that something should happen to Brianna’s parents.