Watch him as he furrows his brow like a serious Muppet

Bush is funny. Somehow I still find humor in him while he is delivering speeches that I sorely wish were being delivered by Clinton or any other man of reasonable intelligence and charisma. For these times require seriousness, intelligence, patience, and true leadership. Even if I knew Clinton was full of shit, I didn’t care because he could charm the habit off a nun (and probably has). Furthermore, he could inspire people with his words, words he seemed to own and take to heart.

Over the last couple weeks I couldn’t help but feel twinges of guilt here and there as I was gaggin on what the administration, and the media, and what seemed like everyone was telling me I should think about these times we find ourselves in. Should I really not criticize this man who I think is an utter bufoon just because he has the (mis)fortune of being my President at this time. Am I to blame for my lamenting that America has no political leaders, only people with political ambitions. Is it too much to ask for a politician to have a reason for being elected? An idea? A passion? Is it enough now just to want the job? Do we have no hope of ever being inspired again? Do we really all believe that a violent war is the best way to stop the peoples of the world from hating us?

Mark Moreford puts me at ease some in his article Evil Evildoers of Evil: How to feel calmly patriotic and yet not the slightest bit reassured by Bush & Co. [via camworld] In it he assures that I can be proud of my country’s strengths and the freedoms it affords me without being “unpatriotic”. I can still criticize our anti-leaders because my nation still offers that choice to me. If we ever lose that, we will have truly lost a war, indeed.