What is here today but not a year from now or a year ago?

In an open letter to Amazon.com, Tim O’Reilly, Publisher of O’Reilly & Associates books urges the discontinuation of attempting to enforce Amazon’s patents on “1-click shopping” and “affiliate programs.”

In an earlier, personal letter to Jeff Bezos, President of Amazon.com, O’Reilly asked the company to stop its practices of pulling thing over on the patent office and to basically grow up.

Bezos had none of it and said Amazon is justified in their actions.

Be sure to read and sign the open letter to Amazon.com urging them to cease their actions.

I missed this when it was going on last year but as some from around the Minneapolis/St.Paul area know, there has been a bookstore called Amazon right near loring park for some time now (30 years?). The sued Amazon.com for trademark infringement last October.

In this article at Salon more details are given and some interesting things have gone on in that case.

The Boycott Amazon movement!. I will be boycotting them until these issues are resolved.