The W3C are working on a new standard for web based forms: XForms. Basically, they are trying to catch up to how we all want to use forms for data submission.

Talks of creating an “open data dialog between the recipient of a hypertext document and the sender” and the “need to provide effective support for various kinds of data exchange” are among the ideas being addressed.

Here’s more:

“To enable Web content developers to meet these challenges, XForms will be designed to cleanly distinguish between form instance data, form description (called the XForms Model), and form presentation (called the XForms User Interface). The same form will be accessible on a full screen display, as a sheet of paper or using a handheld computer resting on your palm.”

XForms will be designed for integration with other XML tag sets. You will be able to use style sheets to finely tune the presentation, as well.