A return to long form posts

While I won’t go so far as to say I will be blogging again like the old days, I can say I will be writing again. And I plan on using this old site to do it. There will only be a few posts per month, I would wager, but they will be good posts. That is my promise to you, good (non-existent) reader.

I am also going through the 1400 or so past posts to this site and revisiting the ones that are more timeless, say something about me, or I find amusing. Some of these have already been made public again (see below), while others will be re-published over time, as I can find it. I may call these posts out here when I do so, and I may not. In any event, Thanks for visiting, again. It has been too long.

The little duck

Now we are ready to look at something pretty special.
It is a duck riding the ocean a hundred feet beyond the surf.
No, it isn’t a gull.
A gull always has a raucous touch about him.

This is some sort of duck, and he cuddles in the swells.
He isn’t cold, and he is thinking things over.
There is a big heaving in the Atlantic,
And he is part of it.

He looks a bit like a mandarin, or the Lord Buddha meditating under the Bo tree,
But he has hardly enough above the eyes to be a philosopher.
He has poise, however, which is what philosophers must have.
He can rest while the Atlantic heaves, because he rests in the Atlantic.

Probably he doesn’t know how large the ocean is.
And neither do you.
But he realizes it.
And what does he do, I ask you? He sits down in it.
He reposes in the immediate as if it were infinity – which it is.

That is religion, and the duck has it.
He has made himself part of the boundless,
by easing himself into it just where it touches him.

I like the little duck.
He doesn’t know much.
But he has religion.

-Donald Babcock, The Lyfe Poems of Donald Babcock

My life story

I have been reading posts that my father has been making on his his newly minted blog. They are great, they give me insights into what my dad’s life has been like and I can see him how he sees himself via the oft-recounted stories now told in the new medium of the web. Several of his posts thus far have been about his exploits with the ladies. From the Turkish belly dancer, Zeckiya, to the time when he “met three birds and we enjoyed each other immensely” reminding his readers on several occasions that it was the 60’s and a different time.

My dad has varied and colorful experiences, most of which I will not share. I met Jena in high school and have more or less been with her for the past 18 years as of yesterday, 11 of which as husband and wife. An earlier version of myself would have felt a bit sad about the contrast of my dad’s crazy life and my own relatively normal one. And I guess this current version of myself does feel a bit sad, but not for me.

I will be able to write my reflective weblog posts with Jena as my editor, correcting my spelling errors (believe me she will be busy). I will get to write those posts knowing that I have found and shared all that I have experienced with the person who has known me best, who has grown up with me, and who continues to make me so very happy – through a span of time exceeding that of all of my father’s marriages. So I guess I do still feel a bit sad. My dad won’t ever be able to spend time with the person who has known all versions of himself. Then again, maybe that is why he is telling her of himself via the web.

Photos of young Ben and Jena

Learned lessons: Nudity

Inspired by a recent conversation Hiromi and I were having about the Matt & Kim video for Lessons Learned, Alt Text has a new post idea. Yay for “Lessons Learned”!

Anyway in the video Matt & Kim strip down to, what appears to be, nothing in the middle of Times Square. Aside from some contention on whether they are truly naked or have some skin-colored skivvies on and the cops being real, we discussed if we could do that, and why or why not. I think the answer starts and ends with unconditional love. Think about it, you can be naked in front of your significant other, or your dog easy enough. That is because they each love you no matter what. If everyone loved each other unconditionally we could all be naked in front of each other without fear or shame.


Be guy number three

This video made me smile, a lot. Guy #1 is dancing for the sheer joy of it. You can see it as guy #2 arrives. Two crazy guys dancing at a music festival. The tipping point to get a dance party going, as it turns out, is 3 crazy dancers. The first 3 dudes have courage and vision to see a dance party before the others. There are likely some lessons that can be drawn out of that for businesses and startups. It is good to be 1st, but the 2nd and 3rd to market are also innovators. Guy #1’s are fun to watch, flail about as they may, but as Seth Godin puts it, “We need more guy #3s”.

Everything is a little better today.

Can you feel it? The sky is a little clearer, the days a bit brighter. Alt Text is post-ier. With all the energy and attention being placed on the inauguration of Barack Obama and al of the expectations placed upon his Presidency, it is easy to see why some of my friends facetiously call him “the savior”. It is is also why so many people will be disappointed. President Obama can not, nor should he, bring about all the changes people want. He haas promised to be a President to all Americans, not just the ones who voted for him. That means that all of his decisions will not be well-regarded from the progressives. They have to get used to that. But with this new President I have confidence that things will be considered and thoughtful and believe that America’s best intentions will be served.

For me, today feels good. There is a return to hope and to optimism and to reason in the capitol and yes, the country today. Happy Obama Day, everyone!