This was a major bridge for commuters and it has just collapsed. I was nearly on this road at this exact time (6:05 to 6:15 pm) but decided at the last moment to take a different route. Live video.

50 or more vehicles are in the water or on fire.

KSTP Coverage (good photos)

CNN’s Coverage

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Surprisingly info-full Wikipedia entry of the event and the bridge.

From the entry:

The bridge was notable for not having any piers in the water. Instead, the main support piers were located on the banks of the river, and were built of tubular-shaped concrete pillars. This allowed for a wide, clear span across the river, making river navigation easier. Although not very decorative, the bridge was one of the widest bridges in the Twin Cities area and provided an important link for Interstate 35W traffic.

Map/Timeline that I would like to add to (includes where I was at the time)