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God damn Amazon!

I fucking hate these bastards! Jason [http://www.kottke.org/] stop whoring for them! Apparently Amazon.com received another patent on a ubiquitous web-technology: recommendation services [http://news.cnet.com/news/0-1007-200-1987741.html]. They cannot get away with this for

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Weekly rant roundup

Check out the Lord of the Rings movie trailer [http://www.lordoftherings.net/previews/] when you have an hour to kill while downloading it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok, so after several days of use I can, with clear conscience state that I

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This is getting old

Amazon.com has worn out it's welcome as far as I am concerned. Everyone speaks of Microsoft being this big, bad company but the legal maneuverings of Amazon are making me furious. In another case of pulling one over on

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