This may seem sorta cruel, or selfish, or whatever, but I was pretty disappointed with “Y2K”. The switch over from 1999 to 2000 was a big non-event. Not even a power outage or mail bomb to speak of. I was really hoping that something would happen… something big. I wasn’t alone in this desire, you could just see it in the major news anchor s faces. Brokaw, Jennings, etc, they were all praying to be able to report a bombing, or a hijacking, even a computer meltdown somewhere.

Sure there was some Japanese cellular phone issues and the National Weather data feeds got disrupted for like an hour, but big deal, that stuff doesn’t even make page 2.

I guess, all I am asking is where are all the extremists, fanatics, rioters, hackers, etc? Have we become a world of wait-and-see-ers? Everyone was so interested in what was going to happen and watching those events that they didn’t take the time to draw up terrorist plots of their own. Well shame on us all! Shame on those lazy militia groups and mass suicide cults, shame on anyone calling themselves an extremist or a guerrilla. Now there won t be another good “end of the world” day for some 1000 years!