So I guess a bunch of merchants, companies and government agencies are shutting down their sites this weekend or already have. Here are the cowards I could find:

Got more? Please let me know

The lunacy of the precautionary disconnect is so great that I am surprised there aren’t mass suicides by IT leaders across the globe. Because you know there was weeks of memos and discussions directed to “management” from the heads of IT at all of these companies attempting to explain why the site going down is a dumb idea. Then management reads an article in Forbes about security and mandates that everyone turn the power off on their computers throughout the company. Hadley!

Here’s an article about the precautionary disconnect.

And just remember, there’s a whole year left in the 20th century so don’t buy into all this 21st century crap just yet. I hate Y2K hype.

And for everyone’s (well at least geeks) pleasure here is the freshest “yo mama” joke I have heard in a while:

Yo momma’s so fat she makes emacs look like pico!