It’s not the computer game, The Sims, but it looks just like it. It’s Jon Haddock’s latest creation: Isometric Screenshots where Haddock recreates famous media scenes from the past and not-so-past, like the one shown at right depicting Wang Weilin’s protest in front of an army tank at Tiananmen Square. Other screenshots show the seizing of Eli·n Gonz·lez, and scenes from It's Godfather and Sound of Music. [Newsweek]

Besides moving offices, we here at Risdall Linnihan Advertising Interactive have been busy creating some sites for the last several months. It is quite amazing how many sites we actually churn out of our rather small shop. Unfortunately, that churn doesn’t always produce what I would call top-shelf work. Here are some recent sites which I feel do fit the bill:

Theatre de la Jeune Lune — A site for a great little theatre that I have now gotten the chance to work on twice with two companies. I must say that the result this time around is much better. — One of those dot coms still clinging to life. I think the site is rather nice looking.

Bachman’s — This site is disappointing only in the fact that we could do ecommerce this time around. Hopefully soon.

Chronimed — I got to work on this one twice too — it seems these clients just follow me around. The budget constraints limited what we could do. It's not the best, but the site is a vast improvement over what they had. (and no that slowness isn’t a result of poorly optimized graphics)

Risdall Linnihan Advertising — This site went against every usability standard I brought up, but “they” went ahead and built it anyway. You didn’t hear me complaining. Those who saw the previous site (that had been up for years and years) surely can understand why.

We have several large web projects underway right now and I hope to be able to post them here too. Feel free to send comments on the sites above. I’m sure I will hear a fair amount from a couple of you.